Speak English fluently like a native speaker

Hi, I’m Cass. Have you been studying English for a long time, but do you feel like it’s not improving? Let me help you so that you can express yourself in English confidently. I can help you with:

About Me

Hi! My name is Cass and I have been teaching English for over seven years. I’ve worked as an assistant professor at universities and helped English learners speak more confidently in English.

Have you been studying English for a long time but do you feel like it’s not improving? Have you lived in an English-speaking country for a while, but do you sometimes feel like you don’t quite fit in? Would you like to be able to understand spoken English better and not get embarrassed in a conversation?

If you want to speak English more naturally and express yourself accurately… You’ve come to the right place!

What Students Say

I offer premium coaching services, private consulting, and courses to help you improve your speaking skills. Here’s what some of my students have said about me.


Her kind and clear explanations always help me a lot. I feel like I can understand something right away because of her. Cass Teacher is good at explaining the nuance of different words and expressions that I never formally studied but that really matter when communicating with native English speakers.

– Graduate Student


Cass Teacher is well-known on campus for being an excellent teacher. She goes above and beyond to help me understand and reach my potential. It is clear from listening to her class that she truly cares about teaching and helping her students succeed

– Undergraduate Student


Thank you so much Cass Teacher for giving me so many practical tips to improve my English and increase my confidence.

– Private Coaching Student